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The Lightsport Aircraft Pilot features web video webcasts on, lightsport aircraft, ultralight aircraft, ultralite aircraft, advanced ultralight aircraft, amateur built aircraft, experimental lightsport aircraft, homebuilt aircraft, powered parachute aircraft, trike or weight shift aircraft, FAR part 103 aircraft, ELSA aircraft, LSA aircraft, microlight aircraft and microlite aircraft.

Each issue of the Lightsport & Ultralight Flyer focuses on light sport & ultralight aviation, featuring interviews with designers, builders, manufacturers, pilots, pilot associations as well as air show coverage of the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo, Sun N Fun, Airventure, and the Midwest Lightsport Aircraft Expo. You will also find video segments on ultralight and lightsport aviation safety, ultralight and microlight aviation news and happenings in the sport of lightsport, ultralight, and microlight aviation.

Plus safety and technical advisories on Rotax, and other ultralight and lightsport aircraft engines.

Each webcast is live on the web for 3 to 7 days. Then it will be archived, and available to subscribers of the Light Sport and Ultralight Flyer web video magazine. A yearly subscription gives subscribers access to hundreds and hundreds of video interviews with light sport and ultralight aircraft designers, builders, manufacturers, distributors, and accessory suppliers.

If your subscription is kept current you will NEVER have a price increase on your subscription!

PLUS YOUR SUBSCRIPTION INCLUDES - Rotax 2 stroke 377, 447, 503, 532, 582 and HKS aircraft engine rebuilding videos! Each engine rebuilding video is nearly 2 hours in length and takes even the novice safely through the step by step procedure of dismantling, inspecting and reassembling the full line of Rotax two stroke aircraft engines, as well as the HKS twin cylinder four stroke engine. .

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